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The durable and incredibly popular Legend Of Zelda gaming franchise just celebrated its 30th birthday back in February.

The fantasy series and its questing, green-clad hero, Link, have been robbing players of productivity and quality time with loved ones since the first title in the series debuted way back in 1986 when home gaming was still, for all intents and purposes, in its formative stages.

It's not yet clear whether the upcoming Zelda game will cost a one-off purchase price, or will be free to play as with previous Nintendo mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes.

The first Legend of Zelda game, launched in 1987, was an early hit on Nintendo's iconic NES gaming system.

I make immersive theatre as well, I'm a big believer in immersive entertainment.

I think the fact that I can go home tonight and binge watch all of Master of None, and see one of the best comedy series that will be made this year without leaving my sofa, I think that means live entertainment has to do something more.

Nintendo are currently thought to be working on three new mobile games, including an app version of the life simulation game Animal Crossing which is planned for sometime this year.

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Nintendo is rumoured to be developing a Legend of Zelda mobile app for Android and Apple's i OS operating systems.Dean is a writer, producer and a director who works in immersive entertainment.He creates a lot of escape the room games, including the Crystal Maze live experience and working on that Resident Evil VII haunted house: So, going back to getting big IPs to trust escape games, you definitely don't think it's a flash in a pan?According to Uproxx, however, the unauthorized game’s future looks bleak. “Nintendo’s legal team falling on this like a squad of Darknuts is probably only a matter of time,” writes Dan Seitz.

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