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He has also played some movies and appeared in TV shows, like Honey and I Shrunk the Kids.A Star TV host, Harcourt has a great passion for traveling, he wonders from place to place for his shows. Next, Genevieve talks about her fiance Tyler Harcott. Jump to: Genevieve talks about the towns of Jeffersonville, NY and Laurens, SC. From anyone who made an hour to 0 an hour, it made it available. Laurens kind of really schooled me about what the South was and what it is now. I’m launching a line of bedding this summer, and I am writing a book that will be out next January.

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We’re showcasing this country, the beauty of this country.Harcott met American television host and interior designer Genevieve Gorder in 2003 on the TV show “A Dating Story”.They began dating the same year and got married in 2006.Since 2015, Harcott is rumored to be dating American actress Heather Graham.Tyler Harcott is a Canadian actor, producer, and television personality.

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