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Pinkston went on to prank celebs like Zac Braff and Jo Jo on several episodes of MTV's "Punk'd." He also appeared on MTV's show with Nick Cannon, "Short Circuitz." In 2013, he graduated from Art Center College of Design with a Bachelor of Arts in film production.Swann briefly appeared in 2002's hit movie "Big Fat Liar." In 2012, he got his B. in Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.Foreign Exchange (2008), Extreme Movie (2008) with Frankie Muniz, Adventures in Online Dating (2009).At least he had no problem with shirtless, shower, swimsuit, and semi-nude shots, including rear nudity. Teens could sigh over the homoerotic subtexts even if they didn't like his characters.

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His Patton was pushy and aggressive; brother Parker (Jake Mc Dorman, left) was the athlete Next came the boorish Felch in Revenge of the Nerds (2006), chronic liar Sam Leonard in Full of It (2007), and Fletcher in the execrably homophobic College (2008), with Drake Bell (which paradoxically offered an extensive homoerotic subtext).There are now over 15,000 articles and links to news items and articles available here. For copyright reasons, we can only use a short extract from the article before linking you to the full article.Item Price: .00 At present Amazon gift card is the only method of payment we are accepting.His guest spots on the teencoms Out of Jimmy's Head and Hannah Montana were a little better, jerks with a soft, sensitive side.But then he hit the bottom of the barrel: teen sex comedies.

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