The benifits of speed dating

Ranging from a few basic Finder tweaks to some general maintenance and usability tips, your Mac should be feeling quicker in day-to-day tasks in no time. The first three tips can be done in the same “View Options” panel, so take care of those at the same time.Be sure to click “Use as Defaults” so the changes are universally accepted, not just on a per-folder basis.It's completely free to sign up so what are you waiting for?

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Use of the Internet has changed the way we date, offering both positive and negative consequences.1. One of the best changes is in the way that potential daters meet each other — you don't have to go out to the bar scene unless you really want to.Give these and go and let us know how they work for you, and chime in the comments with any of your own performance tips while you’re at it.While you’re at it, don’t miss some basic Mac OS X maintenance tips too, though you already have cleaned off the desktop, and you regularly back up your Mac, right?Our online dating site has advanced matchmaking functionality that auto-matches our members with each other based on the information you present within your online dating sites profile.Combine this element with the other tools that come with your free membership, and it's a formula for success.

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