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Although the conflict generates massive public discussion and debate, there are relatively few forums that offer a nonpartisan approach to understanding it.We present diverse opinions and research to give you the best introduction to the issues surrounding the conflict, its historical context, and the proposed solutions, which you can use as a base to form your own conclusions.

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For example, some are opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state, and others are opposed to the continued existence of Israel; some argue that Israel should be one secular bi-national state, rather than a Jewish state, and others assert that things should remain as they are for now.

PASMO surveyed MSM in 10 cities across Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama in 2012 using respondent-driven sampling.

We used coarsened exact matching to create statistically equivalent groups of men exposed and non-exposed to the program, matching on education, measures of social interaction, and exposure to other HIV prevention programs.

If you have younger kids who are eager to get in on the messaging-app craze, some excellent programs are designed for users under 13.

Check out: , age 12 : This monosyllabic texting app uses one word -- "Yo" -- to convey whatever you need it to, such as "I made it home OK, " "I need a ride," or "I'm thinking of you." Do you know of a safe messaging apps for kids? They have a dedicated messaging app which will allow you to control who they text, will send you alerts based on keywords, and, of course, provide reports with the entire conversation.

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