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Half the fun of going out is getting to know someone new, so allow yourself to let that happen organically." —Oliver B."Please don't compare us to your exes—out loud or even in your head.Sometimes horror stories about them can make for fun discussion, but don't ever bring your ex into the conversation if it's not called for.The Relationship Forum is provided for visitors who are seeking advice and support from the community in relation to relationship issues.The forum is looked after by community managers to keep conversations positive and constructive, make users aware of resources and protect them from abusive comments or invasions of privacy.If you're flowing with it and cool, we've got a winner.

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How to pick up women online: 3 simple tips that will save you lots of time When you want to know how to pick up women online, you have to pick your battles carefully...because there are tens of thousands of profiles on hundreds of sites, making online dating more of a maze than an easily digestable thing.

In fact, the vast majority of men CAN’T tell the forrest from the trees anymore: when to message a woman, when NOT to message her, what to pay attention to?

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