Housewife sex number

Maybe there's a small list you can easily recall by name: or maybe you need to count on your fingers — and your toes.

But what's really true about our sexual behaviour — and what's nothing more than myth?

In February, anyone can get between the covers with a Real Housewife. The story reveals how Drescher lost her foot in a barn accident at age 6, hoped to be “cured” by an Indian mystic, but instead ended up dancing on tables in Paris, birthing four kids by two men, changing religions, getting a law degree and wrestling with panic attacks. It also sounds a lot like last season of “Real Housewives,” when once cast member dropped the hint that Clooney did more than inspire Radziwill’s fiction.

Three of the biggest divas from the various versions of the reality series are pushing new books that month — and the saucy train-wreck TV show translates perfectly to the printed page. Carole Radziwill — the miscast classy lady of “The Real Housewives of New York” — is up first with a thinly veiled novel, “The Widow’s Guide to Sex & Dating.” Then, Beverly Hills “Real Housewife” Brandi Glanville follows up her successful debut “book” “Drinking & Tweeting” by striking out in a completely same direction with “Drinking & Dating: P. Social Media is Ruining Romance.” It’s an advice book (of sorts) from the woman best known for losing her C-list husband, Eddie Cibrian, to the man-stealing country warbler Le Ann Rimes. “Look at that ass on Carole,” cast-member Sonja Morgan said.

PHOTOS: Biggest cheating scandal ever “She did not offer to give him head..said he lied about the whole situation,” Kandi reveals to Phaedra, who’s rightfully disgusted.

“I was eight months pregnant at the time,” she tells the girls.

“Why would you even put me through that stress, physically?

The determining factor: "dreaminess," a combination metric weighing their physical attractiveness, their fitness and loyalty as mates, and a certain ): I don't think that Teresa Giudice is blameless in the Giudice couple being convicted for bankruptcy and bank fraud, but anyone who has watched the show knows that Joe was up to some shady business.’s third season 7 episode introduced its fair share of Georgia peaches, old and new.We finally get acquainted with Claudia Jordan, the latest cast addition to shake up the scene — but some favorite familiar faces, like Ne Ne Leakes, and Phaedra Parks, still have story lines that command our attention. PHOTOS: Before they were Real Housewives 1) New word alert!But the former NFL player didn't treat his young wife all that well onscreen, either.): Don't hate him because of his ugly watch collection, his tacky shirts, or his goatee. Turns out it was just them being awful to each other.

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